Live Session | Metz Electronique on Cercle

☞ Dario Rossi


Event hosted by Sutter Event in one of France’s oldest church (Saint Pierre aux Nonnains), big shout out to them for the crazy party!

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  1. First and foremost, mate, you're welcome any time in my house to bang in anything ( including my mother in law ) .
    Second, you are REALLY good, so good, that one can see that even the bouncers , who have seen a lot before, were banging the head in your rhythm , and at the end, applauded !
    Mate, you're a freak, God bless you.

  2. Faudrait qu'il joue avec d'autres musiciens, je suis batteur et je trouve ça un peu limite de danser que sur de la percu pendant 1h. Imaginez 2-3 autres zikos ça serait de la grosse tuerie ! Il gère en tout cas ses riffs sont énorme!


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